Mark of the Gods

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Mark of the Gods eBook

An island with magical secrets.
A serial killer with a key to her past.
A destiny she cannot deny.

Forensic psychologist Piper Prince excels at counseling the criminally insane, but professional success doesn’t translate to helping her little sister survive cancer. So when a patient who claims to serve the gods delivers an iron-clad clue to finding a cure, she can’t help but follow the trail to Muse Island.

Once on the island, her hotel room is ransacked, the local sheriff shrugs off the invasion, and her one lead is murdered. Before the woman dies, she bestows a strange gift to Piper—one that makes her long-buried, childhood hallucinations return. Or are the creatures she sees more than hallucinations?

Now Piper must deal with her awakening to a mythical world, monstrous villains who want to claim both her and the gift, and an all-too-handsome resort owner who has more secrets than answers.

But who…or what…can she trust?