Heir of the Chaos

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A civil war is brewing, and chaos is coming.

With Piper Prince’s parents still missing and her sister’s cancer worsening, the last thing she needs is more distraction from myths and rivalries. But when the Aztec god of chaos declares that all mythicals may remove their human masks, civil unrest follows. Not everyone is onboard with revealing the mythological world to non-magickas, a protest made clear with the death of a genie.

Piper is accused of the murder—a charge she cannot disprove thanks to a curious case of amnesia. Now she’s on the sheriff’s suspect list, the Protectors’ black list, and the genies’ hit list. At least she’s still on Finnian Kalani’s love-interest list, at number one and only.

Armed with a faulty memory, a shrinking number of allies, and increasingly chaotic magic, Piper must find her grounding, discover the truth, and control her power—before chaos consumes her and the island.

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