Fantasy and Mystery Author Jules Lynn

Jules Lynn knew precious little about mythology before meeting Kris Faryn. Indeed, The Iliad is one of only two novels assigned in high school she didn’t finish reading. But she’s been in a crash course of late and discovered some very interesting stories that make her wonder if Homer just needed a good editor. Her favorite mythology thus far is Egyptian, but she’s still learning and that could change.

Among close friends, Jules is known for her surplus sarcasm, her growing collection of boots, and her willingness to grab a karaoke microphone at the slightest nudge. She has finaled in or won several writing contests, including the Golden Heart®, the premier manuscript contest from Romance Writers of America®.

As Julie Glover, she also writes young adult and cozy mysteries and is one of four hosts of the blog Writers in the Storm, consistently named a Writer’s Digest best website for writers.

Fantasy and Mythology Author Kris Faryn
Author Kris Faryn

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Fantasy and Mythology Author Kris Faryn

Kris Faryn has been mildly obsessed with mythology since reading The Iliad, which she adores, cannot believe Jules Lynn never finished, and makes a point to re-read every few years. Additionally, she is a big fan of the mythology surrounding Greek Sirens—who have wings, not fishtails—and has a series coming out this summer featuring Sirens, the men they love, and the sacrifices they have to make.

Kris is known for her love of bean burritos, of traveling, and of her patooties at home, including the grown-up one and furry ones. She also loves baking, cooking, a good book, and a crackling fire.

Kris Faryn is a multi-award-winning author of Young Adult Fantasy books and Adult Suspense. Most importantly, Kris believes in turning dreams into realistic goals and that everyone has something special and unique to offer the world.